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Implant Bridges

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Your teeth play many integral roles in your mouth. Suffering tooth loss can significantly impact all of these roles, impacting your oral health, your smile, and your quality of life. Things you used to do with ease, such as eating and speaking, suddenly become challenging. Your confidence may plummet. Fortunately, missing teeth can, and should, be replaced. At Sussex Dental, we can replace sections of missing teeth with implant bridges.

The Effects of Missing Teeth

Losing teeth have several significant effects on your life. These include:
•  Difficulty eating. Biting and chewing are essential for allowing you to eat, and break down, a wide variety of different foods. Chewing is the first stage in digestion. If you are unable to chew properly, you cannot break down your food effectively. This affects the ability of your body to access the nutrients in the food and absorb it.
•  Speech difficulties. You may develop a lisp or have other issues communicating effectively.
•  Your smile deteriorates. Following tooth loss, the quality of your smile deteriorates, which can have a significant effect on your confidence.
•  Increased risk for tooth decay and gum disease.
•  Increased risk for tooth damage. Your biting and chewing pressures become unevenly distributed.
•  Your jawbone begins to grow weak and change shape, which causes healthy teeth to shift out of alignment.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a unique treatment used to replace missing teeth. The treatment uses small titanium posts, which are surgically implanted into your jawbone, to provide support for your dental restorations. Your bone fuses to the posts as you heal from surgery, a process that stabilizes the posts in your jaw and turns them into secure roots that can provide the necessary support for your new teeth. Implants are a versatile treatment that can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth.

How is an Implant Bridge Placed?

Placing an implant bridge requires surgery, which is done under a local anesthetic and sedation. Before the procedure, we perform a thorough examination of your mouth, including dental X-rays, to determine your candidacy for implants as well as determine the number of posts needed and optimal post placement.

Surgery begins with small incisions in the gums. Next, holes are drilled into the bone and implant posts are placed inside. Finally, your gums are sutured closed. Finally, a temporary bridge is placed on your implant posts, and it remains in place until you have fully healed.

Healing from surgery can take several weeks to several months to complete. During this time, your bone gradually fuses to the posts, stabilizing them within your jaw. Several follow-ups to ensure that you are healing properly and that there are no issues. Once you have fully healed, we then begin the process of placing your final restorations. The temporary bridge is removed, and an impression is taken. The impression is used to create your custom permanent implant bridge. When it is ready, it is screwed into place on your implant posts.

Enjoy the Benefits of an Implant Bridge

An implant bridge provides several benefits including:
•  Perfectly restoring your smile. The ceramic restorations look exactly like your natural teeth, stained to match the exact color of your real teeth. The material even reflects light just like your natural tooth enamel.
•  You can eat all of your favorite foods again. Your teeth are held securely in place. Being able to chew properly improves your digestion and your overall nutrition.
•  Your speech is restored, and you do not have to worry about relearning how to speak.
•  Greater comfort. Your restorations are supported by the implant posts rather than adjacent teeth, like a traditional bridge, or your gums, like a partial denture.
•  The strength of your jawbone is preserved. The posts restore stimulation to your jawbone, which helps to stop and prevent bone loss in your jaw.

If you are missing multiple teeth, an implant bridge may be the solution for you. Call Sussex Dental today at (262) 246-6806 for more information and to schedule your consultation.
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