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Tooth loss can happen for many reasons. One of the biggest causes of tooth loss is gum disease. You can also lose teeth as a result of facial trauma, severe tooth decay, or bruxism. Whatever the cause, tooth loss has several significant impacts on your whole life. If you are missing sections of teeth, Sussex Dental can replace those missing teeth with partial dentures.

What Happens When You Lose Teeth?

Tooth loss has several significant effects on your life.
•  The quality of your smile is decreased. This can cause you to become very self-conscious and hide your smile from those around you.
•  Eating becomes more difficult. Biting and chewing become more of a challenge, which can then impact your digestion and your nutrition.
•  You are at an increased risk of developing gum disease and cavities.
•  Additional pressures on your adjacent teeth put them at risk for damage.
•  Speaking becomes more difficult and others may have a harder time understanding you.
•  The teeth adjacent to the empty space can begin to shift out of natural alignment, which alters your bite.

What Are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are a type of removable or fixed appliance designed to replace sections of missing teeth. Partial dentures, much like full dentures, use an acrylic base that holds acrylic resin teeth. Your denture is made from molds of your mouth, and the base is designed to rest directly on your gums. Partial dentures also have metal clasps that provide additional stability, helping to hold your prosthesis in place. To create your partial dentures, we take impressions of your mouth. These impressions are sent to our dental lab. The lab uses the impressions to custom design and create a set of partial dentures just for you. Once your partial denture is fabricated, we check it to make sure it fits properly. Any necessary adjustments will be made so that your new prosthesis looks natural and fits comfortably. Then you can leave with your brand new smile.

Adjusting to Your New Partial Dentures

Partial dentures, like full dentures, require an adjustment period. It is not uncommon for your new partials to feel odd or uncomfortable for the first few weeks. There are things you can do, however, to help facilitate the change. For example, sticking to a diet of soft foods, avoiding foods that are hard, crunchy, chewy, and sticky, can be very helpful. As you become acclimated to your dentures, you can begin to resume your normal diet. You may need to relearn how to speak with your dentures. Keep in mind that while some discomfort is common in the beginning, if your partial dentures continue to cause discomfort or if symptoms do not improve, call our office right away.

Taking Care of Your Partial Dentures

Your new partial dentures will require care in addition to your normal oral hygiene routine. They need to be taken out every night to be cleaned before you take care of the rest of your teeth and your gums. After removing your dentures, brush them gently with a soft bristled brush and denture paste. Take care around the wires. After cleaning, leave your dentures to soak in a denture cleaning solution overnight. Before you go to bed, brush your teeth and your gums. In the morning, aftercaring for your remaining teeth as usual, rinse your denture with water and set them into place. If you have suffered the loss of several consecutive missing teeth, partial dentures can help. Call Sussex Dental today at (262) 246-6806 to schedule your appointment to find out if partials are the solution for you.
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